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Almost each and every one from employed to self employed is looking for an part time source for earning some extra income, other than that many who already have sufficient funds are continuously looking for investing options. Since, they all know that most of the investments are done only through stock markets; naturally they are attracted to the Financial Markets Trading & Investing. As a net result the huge market is growing by Business Owners, Working Professionals, House Wives, Retired Persons, Students etc., But, due to the inadequate knowledge and experience many avoid directly investing to stock market and believe mutual funds & insurance schemes which are also focused to stock market investing.
By providing quality & efficient education at an comfortable home learning environment with superior technology support & advisory services in one complete pack, this huge markets gets turned on to FEDU ACADEMY which will effectively benefit them by keeping their investments & trading under their own control by getting educated. Moreover, Fedu academy’s quality "Home Learning & Trading Education" system has extremely helped many traders to save their capital from huge losses that are incurred by uneducated investors & Traders.
By joining hands with us you get an opportunity to enter the RESSESION-FREE Education Sector, which will offer you attractive incomes & high level of business satisfaction.

If you are Broker, Sub-broker or Any Financial Services Company and looking for some additional add-on business which should be directly related to your business, then you are in the right place. You can become our franchisee in just 48 hours of time in a very low investment. By becoming our franchisee partner, you are starting a proud & recession free education sector business, which exactly your current business scenario demands. You can enhance your revenue stream quickly with comparatively minimum efforts.

We also welcome, new Entrepreneurs with a passion to succeed and with some necessary knowledge about Stock & Commodity Markets Trading & Investing.

Since, our primary interest lies in appointing talented entrepreneurs as our franchise owners, we have modeled the investment structure lower, affordable & flexible as much as possible, to start your business immediately.

Our business model, Investment Structure etc are very carefully planned to provide you almost no risk on your investments but offering High Reward Ratios.

Our Business model doesn’t require any government body permissions nor complicated forms & approvals like trading account opening process. So that, your earnings well beginnings immediately without any delay.

Starting your business with us as an Stock Market Education Provider you require only ZEAL towards the business, Minimum investment & Our approval. In just 48 hours of time you can kick start your business.

Our research says that, each area in every city has a minimum of 25-30 Brokers & Sub-brokers who are registered officially with SEBI and other unregistered Remisers & Marketing agents are many. Among all of them you will stand alone proudly by providing unique services to customers like Quality Learn from Home Facility, Superior Charting (Technical Analysis) Software Support, Weekly Online Investment Journal with News & Tips, Daily Trading Advisory Services, Life Long Speak Support etc., to your clients via Fedu Academy.

By becoming our Business Partner, apart from franchising our educational service, you will simultaneously become our franchisee to offer our other products & services which will increase your revenue stream drastically.

It means that, on partnering with Fedu Academy, you get “NO CHARGE FRANCHISING ADVANTAGE” to promote Echartar Advanced Technical Analysis Software, Valarpanam Online Investment Journal & VP Day Call service.

Apart from educational service, Clients will be interested on buying our other products also to enhance their trading ability. By this added advantage, your earning potential increases many times by offering multiple products to customers.

You will be glad to know that, if you satisfy the franchisee requirements, you will be allotted with exclusive territory rights. Which means that, in your area we will not be appointing any other franchisees in order to increase your sales and to safeguard your business interest.

By empowering your broking or financial firm with Fedu’s Educational & Technological support. Your clients will be happy that you are providing them a additional support for their Trading & Investing. In return you attain stable clients who will stay with your company for long time generating continuous commission revenues for you.

As Broker or Sub- Broker you would have very much experienced on the difficulties you face daily on opening new client accounts. After working for months for acquiring a solid client base in these heavy competition, all your customer base vanishes in one single market fall and you are about to restart your marketing with the same spirit you had on beginning your broking business. This mostly happens due to inadequate customer knowledge & unwanted ego problems lies within the investor's (client) mind and you are always trying to provide some solutions to retain them, but you cannot.

Hence, always there will be a standing question in your mind asking, how long we need to fight and survive this fluctuating business condition!

Our franchisee model may be your hopeful & immediate remedy. Instead of providing some wrong commitments to your clients at difficult times , Now you can provide them appropriate solutions on Education, Technology & Advisory. So, that we will train them with the most important Disciplines, Analysis capability, Money Management, Risk Management etc.,

After our training, your client will act more matured and planned, with an opinion of high credibility & trust about your firm in their mind, for providing them solutions for their profitable investing, Which in turn offers you stable client base for long time.

1. Stock Market or Commodity Brokers.
2. Stock Market or Commodity Market Sub-Brokers.
3. Any Financial Services Firm.
4. New Entrepreneurs with a passion to succeed with Basic knowledge about Stock & Commodity Markets.

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